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2/2014: Standardization and certification

In MAFO 2/2014 we will give you an impression of what you will miss by not visiting the 15th international MAFO – The Conference in Milan on the day before Mido. This year MAFO – The Conference will come up with a new concept. It will be a mixture of 6 lectures with technical or physical information. Furthermore the program will be added with a special about “Standardization and certification” with other 4 lectures and a round table.
MAFO visited the Opti – the international trade show for optics & design in Munich and met up with Dieter Dohr, Chairman of the Management Board, and Patrick Hof, Press & Public Relations Officer, for an interview.
Do you know an optical family business with a staff of some 650 employees on Mexico’s highway? In a portrait about Augen Optics MAFO will give you an insight what they are doing.
In his article, Stefano Sonzogni will explain you how important the perfect fit with remote edging is and what happen if the fitting isn’t perfect.
The last part of Peter Baumbach’s two-part-series will demonstrate why the elephant’s trunk is a synonym for a progressive surface.
This issue is also the start of a new series of MAFO articles entitled: MAFO on-site. The MAFO editors want to take you on a journey behind the scenes in the industry.
The third part of Mo Jalie’s series extends the surface description to aspherical and progressive power surfaces.
Can you imagine how it tastes, without seeing what you’re eating? Smelling, without seeing what it is! Listening, without seeing who is speaking! The MAFO editors tried the experiment in a dark restaurant.
The market survey ‘industrial edging’ will show you a summary about the product portfolio of the companies.
The ‘Closing Words’ are written by Steve Ross, Ophthalmic Representative, NSL Analytical Services, Inc.


This issue special: industrial edging
The survey can be downloaded here!

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